Quality policy

Long term business commitment of Đuro Đaković – Strojna obrada d.o.o. company is complete mastering of quality, and all in purpose of offering products and services that completely meet our buyers demands.

To reach that goal implementing of quality management system, and it's maintenance and continuous improvement is needed.

 Our mission is that with the quality of our products, our swift reaction and flexibility, we can extend the lifetime of their equipment and to reduce their maintenance costs. To enable our buyers easier and more stable functioning by relying on us as a permanent solution in securing the components, servicing, and newbuilding.

Creating of complete and unique industrial-production solutions for railroad components market, oil and gas industry equipment as well as renewable sources energy equipment.

Our vision is to become the leading servicer for railroad wheelsets in region, to expand on foreign markets for surface oil drilling equipment (oil valves, eruption devices, bore heads). 

 Our fundamental organizational values are experience, technology and professionalism in relations towards the buyers and other segments of business in all processes.

Đuro Đaković – Strojna obrada d.o.o. scope of work covers development, design, engineering, production and servicing of mechanical power transmitions, machine components, special bearings and oil industry equipment.

We are leading our business through implementation and permanent improvement of quality management system which is based on international standard ISO 9001 i API spec Q1., and acts along with other managing systems, with respect to all legal demands and other regulations.

Special attention has been given to:

- partnership relation towards the buyers and product, service and process deliverers

- fulfillment of buyers demands and permanent upgrade of product quality

- permanent business processes improvement

- increasing the consciousness of all employees and deliverers about quality questions

- detailed research of all deviations from contracted quality of products and services, system in conformities, reclamations and complaints

 - natural resources and energy preservation

 - obligate prevention from injuries

 - internal audits and management assesments as bases for undertaking of corrective and other actions based on risk analysis to ensure quality management system efficiency and its permanent improvement


Đuro Đaković – Strojna obrada d.o.o. mangement defines this policy and the same is obligated for implementation to all of those who are working for or in the name of Đuro Đaković – Strojna obrada d.o.o., and introduces all interested parties with it.


Slavonski Brod, 10.02.2022. g.


univ. spec. oec Hrvoje Kekez, dipl.ing.Mech.


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