INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM POLICY : Integrated management system





IMS Policy is the part of the integral business policy of group –URO –AKOVI∆  and is applied –– GRUPA d.d. its subsidiaries:

  • –– STROJNA OBRADA d.o.o.


Our mission is to create overall and unique industrial and production solutions according to customers' wishes. The core organizational values are experience, technology and professionalism in customer and stakeholder relations as well as in all business processes.

The scope of work of Group –URO –AKOVI∆ includes development, design, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance of:

  • Petrochemical, power and processing plants and related components and heavy steel constructions;
  • Special military vehicles and equipment, mine sweepers, industrial vehicles, cargo wagons;
  • Gears, special bearings and oil industry equipment.


We adhere to strict implementation and improvement of integrated management system of quality management, environment protection and health and safety based on principles of international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007, meeting legal and other regulations.

Special attention shall be dedicated to:

  • Establishing partnership relations with customers and external providers of products, services and processes, 
  • Meeting the customer requirements and continually enhancing the quality and environmental friendliness products, 
  • Continuous improvement of business and other processes that may have an effect on the environment, identifying and eliminating health hazards, unsafe work conditions and poor safety practices,
  • Raising awareness of all employees and external providers on quality, environment, health and safety, property and data safety issues,    
  • Preserving natural resources through reducing waste generation and selective waste disposal, preserving energy by adhering to implemented energy management system,
  • Prevention of injuries by strictly following occupational health and safety measures whether legally required and binding or not,
  • Thoroughly investigating all the nonconformities in quality of products and services, system nonconformities, customer and stakeholder claims as well as incidents that have occurred or could occur,
  • Carrying out continuous internal and external audits of the system and launching subsequent improvement actions in order to ensure efficiency of the system and its continuous improvement,


The managment of –– Grupa d.d. defines Integrated Management Policy for the entire group –URO –AKOVI∆ which is also mandatory for its contractors. All the employees, customers and other interested parties shall be acquainted with this IMS Policy.

In Slavonski Brod, 28th May, 2018.


President of BoM of –– Grupa d.d.:

Marko Bogdanoviś

EN ISO 50001:2011

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