INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM POLICY : Integrated management system

Integrated Management System Policy

The integrated management system policy of Đuro Đaković Group

Integrated management system policy is a part of the whole business policy of ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ group, and is applied to ĐĐ Group d.d. and its affiliated companies:


The policy is focused on the most important goal - to become the number 1 company in the region for the excellence of its products and services, as well as to customer and other business, environmental, health and security interests of all persons involved in Đuro ĐAKOVIĆ's business operations and information security.

The scope of the ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ group includes development, design, engineering, production and maintenance:

  • Petrochemical, power and process plants, components for the same and heavy steel structures,
  • Special military vehicles and equipment, demining machines, industrial vehicles, freight wagons,
  • Mechanical power transmission components of machine components, special bearings and equipment for the petroleum industry.
We conduct our business through the implementation and improvement of an integrated quality management system, environmental protection, health and safety based on the principles of international standards ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 and working together with the energy management system, Conditions and other regulations.

Special attention is paid to:

  • Partner relationship with buyers and suppliers, especially during time alignment, specifications and requirements related to quality, environmental protection, health and safety,
  • Improving product and process quality, preventing pollution, reducing generated hazardous waste, detecting and eliminating the causes of health risks, precarious working conditions and poor safety practices,
  • Professional training and awareness raising of all employees of ĐURE ĐAKOVIĆ and their suppliers on issues of quality management, environmental protection, health and safety protection,
  • Conservation of natural resources and energy through their rational use and reduction, reuse, recycling and selective waste collection
  •  Compulsory use of personal protective equipment which must be carried out by all persons at risk of exposure during the Đuro ĐAKOVIC Group and all employees of ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ Group during work in other places,
  • A thorough investigation of all incidents that have occurred or may occur,
  • Assessments of management systems and internal audits as a basis for undertaking corrective and preventive actions to ensure system efficiency and continuous improvement.
Management of ĐĐ Group d.d. Defines the policy for the whole group ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ and is obliged to apply to all who work on behalf of ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ and to meet all interested parties.


In Slavonski Brod, 29.01.2017.



President of the Management Board ĐĐ Group d.d .:

                                                          Tomislav Mazal